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One thing you should know to be ready to retire!

One Thing You Should Know to Be Ready to Retire!

No matter how much you’ve been able to save through the years, there’s one thing that you should know to be ready to retire. So whether you have $500,000 saved up or millions, today’s video will be beneficial because knowing this will help you be able to answer a number of additional retirement questions.

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How to Reduce Income Taxes in 2024 – 5 Strategies!

Today we want to talk about how to reduce your 2024 taxes and your 2024 taxable income. Whether you’re still working or you have already retired, the five strategies we’re going to share with you in this video could potentially reduce your taxes by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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Is It Okay to Have a Lot of Company Stock in My 401k?

Do you have too much company stock in your 401K? That’s a question we get regularly from people who have that op-tion in their retirement account, but how do you know how much is too much? And if your company is doing well, don’t you want to have a lot of its stock?

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