What should I know before I retire? Have answers to these 3 questions before you retire!

In This Video:

Before you retire, you should have answers to these three questions. And the only way to get the answers is by asking the right questions.


Things to Consider:

Having worked with people nearing retirement, we know what many of those questions are and we’ll share them with you today. Plus, we’ll talk through how to come up with the answers to the questions and give you the tools to help tackle each of these important retirement questions.

If you aren’t able to answer these on your own, make sure you’re working with a financial professional to help you work through each of these questions to give you the best chance of retirement success.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

1:14 – Question 1: When should I claim Social Security benefits based on longevity, retirement savings and survivor benefits?

4:35 – Question 2: How much can I withdraw from retirement savings each year and make my money last?

8:20 – Question 3: How much is my retirement savings going to cost me in taxes and how can I help reduce the taxes?


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