Should You Start Collecting Social Security When You Retire?

In This Video:

If you’re getting close to retirement, you might have wondered whether you should start collecting Social Security when you retire. Should you be preparing now to turn it on the month after you reach retirement?


Things to Consider:

The short answer is no. You can retire whenever you want and take Social Security whenever you want. Those two ages don’t have to match up, but you will need a plan for how you’ll generate income in retirement.

Today we’re going to talk about when the answer might be yes and when the answer might be no. We’ll give you three reasons why you might start Social Security at your retirement date and four reasons you might not want to start it that soon.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

1:15 – When the answer might be YES

2:46 – 3 reasons to start it when you retire

5:04 – 4 reasons you might not want to start it at retirement date


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