Should I do Roth Conversions with $2,000,000 in Retirement Savings at Age 62?

In This Video:

So you’ve saved up around $2 million and you plan to retire in a few years. As you think through tax strategies to get the most out of that money, the option to do a Roth conversion will often be discussed.

Things to Consider:

Should you be doing the Roth conversion now while you’re still working? Is it better to do the Roth conversion after you’ve retired? Or should you avoid the Roth conversion altogether?

Today we’re going to walk you through a sample case of a couple who has saved $2 million and plans to retire in three years. We’ll take you through the process of deciding whether a Roth conversion makes sense for them. Plus, we’ll share three additional strategies that they could utilize to potentially reduce their taxes and tell you what this means for their Social Security benefits as well.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

4:30 – Retirement goals

8:53 – Income plan

12:31 – Tax projections

17:04 – Roth conversion decision

24:42 – Other ways to save on taxes

27:42 – Social Security


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