Should I Do Roth Conversions or Claim Social Security When I Retire?

In This Video:

Now that you have money saved in your IRA and 401k accounts and you’re starting to prepare for retirement, one of the big questions that you might start asking is what’s the best way to take income once you get into retirement? Should you do Roth conversions, start taking Social Security, or do a combination of the two?


Things to Consider:

We find that people aren’t typically prepared for the tax surprise that comes along with taking Social Security so we want to take you through another hypothetical example of a couple in this same situation. We’ll show you what would happen if they do Roth conversions up front versus taking Social Security right away. How do each of these scenarios impact the other option?

Find out how we arrive at each decision and learn about the factors that will help determine what path you should take.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

0:54 – Hypothetical case details

4:02 – Baseline

8:13 – Focus on Roth conversions

16:20 – Focus on Social Security

21:38 – Scott’s opinion


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