Should I Claim Social Security at Age 67 or 70? 3 Cases Age 67 May Be Better!

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Should I claim Social Security at age 67 or 70? This is a discussion we have with clients all the time and it’s critical because Social Security will likely make up a large portion of your retirement income. Knowing whether to claim it at age 67 or waiting until 70 could have a big impact so we want to give it a lot of thought.


Things to Consider:

When to take Social Security is a huge decision, and once you make that decision, you have to live with it throughout retirement. Typically, there’s no going back so you want to make sure you pick the right age to claim your benefits. Whether you choose 67 or 70 or any other age could make a big difference in the amount of lifetime income you’ll receive.

You might have always heard that the longer you wait, the larger your benefit will be, but sometimes waiting might actually hurt your long-term income. Today we’ll share 3 cases where age 67 may be better.

Here’s what we cover in this financial video:

0:00 – Intro

1:25 – Case #1: You’re collecting a spousal benefit

3:22 – Case #2: Health/Life Expectancy

5:40 – Case #3: Married & 1 spouse is already delaying until 70


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