Retirement Planning Assumptions to Avoid

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We often hear people make assumptions about retirement that they end up building a plan around but making a mistake with healthcare, spending and taxes could be costly.

Things to Consider:

When planning for retirement, there are some assumptions that you’ll have to make. It’s unavoidable, but making the wrong assumptions could be very costly.

Today we’re going to highlight three specific assumptions that people will often make about retirement that aren’t always correct. The important thing to note is each of these is a huge piece of a retirement plan, which is why we want to make sure to assess every individual’s situation to determine what is right for them.

Watch as Scott provides the key information about Medicare coverages, spending patterns in retirement, and why taxes might not be lower in retirement.

Here’s what we cover in this financial video:

0:00 Intro

0:50 – Incorrect Assumption #1: Medicare will cover your healthcare needs

4:22 Incorrect Assumption #2: I’ll spend less in retirement

7:42 Incorrect Assumption #3: Your taxes will be lower in retirement


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