Retirement Income Essentials: 3 Mistakes Retirees Should Avoid!

In This Video:

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about three mistakes that could have a huge impact or potentially jeopardize your future retirement income.

Things to Consider:

We meet with new people all the time who are approaching retirement or just entering retirement and we’ve found that avoiding these mistakes could make the difference between staying retired or having to go back to work. It could also be the difference between having more money in your pocket to spend and enjoy versus having to pay more in taxes.

Being aware of these three mistakes and taking the steps to help avoid them could potentially mean hundreds or thousands of extra dollars for you to help maximize your retirement. We don’t want your retirement to be one where you just get by so we’re going to show you ways that can help tackle each of these mistakes, depending on your unique situation.

Here’s what we cover in this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:57 – Mistake #1

7:02 – Mistake #2

13:25 – Mistake #3


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