I’m 69 and Single with $1,000,000 in IRAs – Should I do a Roth Conversion?

In This Video:

So you’re single, a widow or widower with a million dollars saved in your IRA or 401k and you’re wondering whether you should convert to a Roth. Would that strategy benefit you or would it be better to keep your money where it is??


Things to Consider:

In this video, we’ll examine two sample cases of single people who are single, retired, and collecting Social Security as their only income. We’ll show you why one of these shouldn’t convert to a Roth while the other should start moving some of their 401k and IRA money over to a Roth.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

1:00 – Sample case summaries

3:03 – Tax projections

4:32 – Tax brackets

8:10 – Sue Sample recommendation

12:00 – Jane Sample recommendation


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