Early Retirement Planning Essentials: Tips & Pitfalls (Ages 55-65)

In This Video:

More and more people are coming to us with the goal of retiring early. If you’re someone between the ages of 55-65 and have plans for an early retirement, we’re going to share key points that you may want to pay attention to. We realize this can be an exciting time but comes with some nervousness because you don’t want to retire before you’re financially ready.


Things to Consider:

In today’s video, we want to highlight some of the potential pitfalls that you might face as well as some of the critical elements you should plan for. By taking care of these things before you retire, you hopefully won’t have to worry about going back to work.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

0:45 – Ages 62-65

3:17 – Ages 59.5-62

5:17 – Ages 55-59.5

10:55 – Before 65

27:42 – Social Security

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