Can I retire next year? Solve for this 1 thing FIRST to help know if you’re ready to retire!

In This Video:

More and more people are ready to retire so it’s not uncommon for someone to ask us if they can retire next year. That’s not an easy question to answer on the surface, but if you’re able to solve for this one thing first, it will help you know if you’re ready to retire.

Things to Consider:

If you’re someone in this position and really want to make that transition into retirement, whether it be now or in a few years, there are so many items you need to have in order like spending, income, savings, and taxes. No matter how much you’ve saved, these same questions always come up during our meetings.

Today’s show will help you address all of these things and give you a better understanding of when you’ll be able to retire and do so with confidence.

Here’s what we cover in this financial video:

0:00 – Intro

1:31 – Maintaining your lifestyle

3:21 – Important factors to consider

3:58 – Solving for the retirement income gap

5:18 – What else it helps answer


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