Am I ready to retire? 10 Point Retirement Checklist

In This Video:

Everyone wants to know when they will be able to retire. If it’s not the first question we get, it’s very soon after. In this video, we’re going to take you through a 10-point checklist to help you better understand how prepared you are for retirement.


Things to Consider:

The number one question every advisor gets is ‘Am I ready to retire?’ This 10-point retirement checklist will take you through the most important items you need to check off in order to answer that question. If you’re nearing retirement and asking yourself if you’re ready, the 10 questions we’ll walk you through in this video will give you a much better understanding if you’re prepared to transition to retirement.

Here’s what we cover in this financial video:

0:00 – Intro

0:40 – Do you know your monthly expenses?

2:06 – Do you know when to take Social Security?

4:05 – Have you saved enough money?

5:04 – Do you know which account to withdraw from and when?

7:08 – Have you addressed longevity & inflation risk?

9:35 – Are you prepared to handle market volatility?

12:15 – Are you prepared for the possibility of future tax increases?

14:54 – Do you have a plan to address healthcare costs?

17:33 – Do you have your estate plan nailed down?

19:26 – What will you do with your time?


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