How Soon & How Much Should I Adjust My Investment Portfolio Before Retirement?

In This Video:

Investing strategies change over time depending on your needs and where you are in life. As you begin to approach that retirement date, it’s important that you evaluate your portfolio and make the necessary changes to reduce risk. This video will provide you with a look at how we help people determine how much they need to adjust and when they should start doing that.

Things to Consider:

As we get closer to retirement, it’s important that we start to reduce the risk in our investments. We want them to be there to support us when we need them the most, which is when we need to pull income for retirement. That’s why we need to answer the question of how soon and how much should I adjust my investment portfolio before retirement.

In this video, we’ll talk to you about those two things and help you understand the thought processes and strategies we go through when working with clients.

Here’s what we cover in this financial video:
0:00 – Intro
0:55 – When do you start to reduce risk?
1:49 – Why you need to reduce risk in investments
3:30 – When and how much?

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