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Social Security Fact or Fiction

Navigating Social Security can feel confusing. With a sea of information out there it’s hard to discern what’s fact and fiction. In this episode, Scott addresses five common statements about Social Security and breaks down whether they’re true or false.

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Retiree Regrets

Many of us have experiences that we regret. How can we avoid these feelings in our retirement years? In today’s episode, Scott shares common retiree regrets and practical strategies to sidestep them.

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Ep 105: Paying Off the Mortgage, Convincing a Spouse to Retire, Taxes on Inheritance – Mailbag Episode

In today’s episode, we continue discussing and answering listener questions we’ve received. Scott will answer questions on paying off your home mortgage, navigating retirement discussions with your partner, and leaving behind an inheritance for your children. Listen in as you may find yourself asking a similar question, in a similar scenario, or able to take the strategies discussed to help improve your financial picture!

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