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Use 401k or Alternative, Lump Sum or Stretch Out, Deductions for Charitable Gifts – Tax Mailbag Episode

We’re back for our third and final week of answering listener questions about year-end tax planning. These episodes are a unique opportunity for you to gain insights from real-world scenarios and inquiries shared by our listeners. In this installment, we’re delving into the crucial concept of tax diversification, exploring methods to optimize your tax deductions for charitable contributions, and more.

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Year-End Retirement & Tax Planning

As we move into the fourth quarter of the year, now is the time to be looking ahead and determining what year-end tax planning and retirement planning opportunities and strategies might be available to you. Evaluating where you are today and making the necessary changes can have a very positive impact on your financial position moving forward. 

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Ways the Richest Americans Avoid Taxes

Scott recently came across an article that discussed 8 ways the richest Americans avoid paying taxes. While many might think that these strategies wouldn’t apply to their financial situation, we’re going to discuss how you can apply these tactics to potentially reduce your taxes. Stay tuned as Scott breaks down these 8 strategies!

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