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Retirement Half-Truths!

We hear a lot of half-truths in the financial world. This isn’t necessarily because people try to make misleading statements, but because sometimes a simple statement just doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Listen in as Scott shares a few examples that show that, while common financial advice can be helpful, it’s important to dig deeper and understand the full scope of your retirement needs during the planning process.

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Ep 101: Roth Income Limits, Roth Conversions, Extra Savings And Spousal Social Security – Mailbag Episode

We’re going to dive into some listener questions today! In this mailbag episode, we’ll discuss the contrasts between Roth conversions and Roth contributions and clarify which of these options have income limits. We will also explore what to do if your 401k contributions are already maxed out. We’ll then wrap up with an insightful discussion on spousal Social Security benefits.

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