The Good, Bad & Ugly of How Technology Is Changing Retirement Planning

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Show Notes

From 24/7 TV channels dedicated to economic news to artificial intelligence, have the advancements in technology made you a financial guru or just more confused? Today, we’ll explore how technology is reshaping financial planning, for better and for worse.

Our world is brimming with financial tools, advice, and information. Take Google, for example. While it can be helpful for quick, specific answers, it’s important to recognize that not all sources are trustworthy or accurate for your specific situation. And while financial calculators are great for comparing scenarios in financial planning, the answers are only as accurate as the information given to them.

Stay tuned as Scott offers tips on navigating the noise and deciphering what’s truly relevant to your financial journey.

Here are the questions we answer in this episode:

  • Google is a powerful tool for immediate information, but it’s important to use it with caution
  • Online financial calculators are handy when used properly, but what if your inputs are wrong?
  • Understanding the biases and goals of the media you’re consuming is important
  • Preparing your retirement portfolio for longer lifespans as technology continues to advance

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