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Social Security Penalties, Saving on Rollercoaster Income, Keep the Company Stock – Mailbag Episode

It’s the last week of the month, so you know what that means! We’re back with a new mailbag episode. We’ve got some great listener questions lined up for you today, so stick around to see what responses and strategies might apply to your situation and help improve your financial picture.


Here are the questions we answer in this episode:

  • I retired last month and started my state pension and Social Security. I’d like to do some part-time work, but I’ve heard that this can mess up my Social Security. Should I avoid getting a job?
  • I just started a new job, and my base salary is low enough that it would be hard to contribute to a 401k and still pay my bills. Is it okay to just use my commissions for retirement savings?
  • My company makes contributions to my 401k, but they’ll only do it in the form of company stock. I’ve just been selling it immediately and then investing in something else. Any reason I shouldn’t be doing that?


Check out episode 124 here!


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