High Fees, Taxes on Social Security, Roth Alternatives, Keep or Sell the Farmland – Mailbag Episode

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Show Notes

It’s the last week of the month, so we’re diving into the listener mailbag for today’s episode! Tune in as Scott answers some listener questions that have recently been sent into the show and see what knowledge you can gain from them. Stick around, because these strategies could be useful for your life or help you avoid financial mistakes in the future.


Claire asks if she should move her IRA away from a place that charges a 2.5% fee. Doug received a raise at work and is wondering where he should invest. Join us as we answer these questions and discuss evaluating the type of financial service you are looking for, paying taxes on Social Security benefits, assessing the purpose of your assets, and more!


Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • Mailbag: Should I move my IRA away from a place that charges a 2.5% fee? [1:32]
  • Mailbag: How does paying taxes on Social Security work? [7:44]
  • Mailbag: I just got a raise at work but now I make too much money for a Roth IRA. Where should I invest instead? [13:10]
  • Mailbag: I inherited over 100 acres of land and would like to keep it in the family, but is this the best choice? [17:28]

Thanks for checking out this episode of the podcast. If you’d like to learn more about financial and retirement planning, check out our YouTube channel here.