Ep 79: Medicare – Why You Should Review Your Plan Annually & Options to Consider

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Show Notes

If you’re on Medicare or will be switching over to it soon, this episode will be extremely valuable for you. We’ve invited Christee from the team here to join the show to talk to us about this healthcare program.

Christee is focused on helping our clients with their Medicare decisions so we’re leaning on her expertise today to find out why you should be reviewing your plan annually to ensure that you’re getting the coverage you need, ability to see the doctors you want to see, and to make sure the prescriptions you need are covered.

We’ll go through all of the key aspects of Medicare today as well as tell you why consumers should be careful regarding the advertisements they see and hear.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What is AEP? [2:35]
  • Why should you be reviewing your Medicare plan? [3:39]
  • Do plans change from state to state? [5:40]
  • Explaining the difference between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage [10:22]
  • Who might be a good fit for each plan? [20:21]
  • Do people have to get a prescription drug plan? [26:42]
  • What should consumers be cautious about with endorsements and advertisements? [28:55]
  • What does the review process look like for our clients? [32:39]
  • Best way to get in touch with Christee for Medicare assistance. [38:13]

Contact Christee at christee@sierensfinancialgroup.com



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