Ep 75: Lending Expert Shares Tips for Financing Homes

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Show Notes

Buying a home is often the largest purchase someone makes over the course of their lifetime so finding ways to do that as efficiently as possible could really benefit you financially in the future. Today we’re talking with Michael Bischof, regional vice president for mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate, to get his expert tips and insight into financing your next home purchase.

Even if you have money available, pulling money from your retirement accounts can sometimes potentially lead to unnecessary taxes. Michael will explain how to finance your next home purchase and share tips about competing with all-cash offers and how to buy a vacation home. 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • How Michael got into this industry at age 24 and why he has stayed in it so long. (2:25)
  • When you should sit down with a mortgage lender when you’re looking for a home. (9:43)
  • Why not all lenders have the ability to recast a mortgage. (20:42)
  • Why you should look at all financial options available to you when buying a property. (40:52)

Thanks for checking out this episode of the podcast. If you’d like to learn more about financial and retirement planning, check out our YouTube channel here.



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