Ep 72: Getting the Best Price Buying or Selling a Home with Realtor Lindsay Schulze

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Show Notes

If you’re looking to sell your home, buy a home or buy a vacation home, today’s show is for you. Today we’ve invited a good friend and realtor onto the show to get an update on everything that’s happening around real estate and to get tips on the best approach for today’s market.

Realtor Lindsay Schulze is our guest today to help us get caught up on a busy year in real estate. She joins us to talk about the current housing market, shares tips for getting the best price, and points out some mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Since this is such a significant piece of any financial portfolio, you want to make sure to be as efficient as possible through this process.

In 2021, Lindsay helped her clients with more than $51 million in residential real estate transactions so we’re excited to get her insight.

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • What you need to change about your home to get the best price. [12:10]
  • How you can pick the right realtor to help you close on your home. [25:50]
  • Why she won’t show clients houses until they do this one thing. [34:11]
  • What questions you should ask before buying a house. [43:58]

To see her listings and to learn more about her business, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook.

We’ll dive into this in more detail on the show, but let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking out this episode. We’ll talk to you again soon.