Ep 50: Why Values-Based Financial Planning is Essential

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Putting together a solid retirement plan isn’t just about dollars and cents. We need to determine what really matters to you. Today’s show is all about why values-based planning is so important.

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Show Notes

When it comes to your money, what is most important to you? Today we’re talking about values-based financial planning and why it’s an important piece of your financial future.


When we talk to clients about what is important and what they value, family is at the top of that list.

Each family we work with is unique. One family we worked with wanted to take all their children and grandchildren on vacation and pay for everything. Their goal was to do that every other year.

We built a plan for them that allowed them to accomplish that goal.


Faith is a priority for many people. One couple didn’t have children and wanted to give a portion of their wealth to their church. Based on their age, they were able to give qualified charitable distributions to their church.


We’re seeing this more and more. People don’t want to jump into retirement. They want to continue working and be financially independent.

Some people go back to work for the social aspect. Others need the money. And some just miss working.

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[2:27] Digging deeper

[5:58] Family

[11:20] Faith

[14:39] Career

[19:15] Education

[23:06] Charity

[25:57 ] Fun

[30:13] Question about moving 401k

Thanks for checking out this episode. We’ll talk to you again soon.


“When I start to dig deeper with my clients into what’s really important to them … that’s where that ultimate happiness comes from.”

-Scott Sierens