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Market Highs, Elevated Interest Rates & Your Retirement

In today’s financial landscape, the market has been hitting new highs and interest rates remain at elevated levels. You might have even heard some of the buzz surrounding the Federal Reserve and interest rate adjustments. We’re here to bring some clarity to the question on many investors’ minds: What does all of this mean for my investments and retirement plans? Is all of this exciting or cause for concern?


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

0:00 – Intro

3:20 – Understanding S&P 500 + Recent Market Highs

7:36 – Impact of Economic Indicators on Market Performance

9:56 – Analyzing Historical Returns + Being Cautious of Market Noise

15:12 – Market Performance Impact on Your Retirement

19:40 – Understanding the Federal Funds Rate

25:18 – Interest Rates Impact on Your Retirement

32:06 – Listener Question: Financial Indecision



Resources for this episode:

JP Morgan Chart – Investing during all time highs

Additional Information


Interest Rates

USA Today Article – article –

Bankrate – Biggest Winners & Losers –


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Market Highs, Elevated Interest Rates & Your Retirement

In this episode, we'll cover recent market highs, interest rates, and the Federal Reserve's influence on investments and retirement.

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