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Ep 36: What Factors are Shaping Retirement in the 2020s?

So much has changed since your parents retired. Gone are the days of the pension, and technology is playing a larger part than ever in how we save money and invest in our future. Today we’re sharing what factors and forces are shaping retirement in the 2020s.


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What we discuss in this episode: 

1:00 – Automation

4:08 – Pensions

6:37 – Redefining retirement

10:03 – Work where you want

12:01 – Technology

17:12 – Entitlement programs

19:28 – Climate change

23:15 – Mailbag: New job


Ep 36: What Factors are Shaping Retirement in the 2020s?

Today’s show is all about the forces and factors that are shaping retirement in the 2020s. We’re going to look at some of the biggest ones affecting retirees today....

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Ep 35: Stock Market Predictions

We’re kicking off the New Year with a talk about the stock market and some predictions. As you’ll see, the experts’ predictions are all over the board.

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Ep 34: 10 Money Resolutions for 2022

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Ep 33: How Should You Compare Job Offers?

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Ep 32: Is Your Financial Plan Out of Tune?

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Ep 31: 5 401(k) Tips for the End of the Year

As the year winds down, we help our clients with a checklist of items to get them prepared for the new year. One very important area to take a...

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Ep 30: Planning for the Non-Financial Side of Retirement

When planning for financial independence, you still need to plan for things other than finances, like what you will do with your free time. We’re talking about the life...

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Ep 29: Mailbag – How Much Risk is OK, Which Roth is Better, and More

We are opening up the mailbag today. George wants to know how much risk he should take with his investments and Robert wonders which Roth – 401k or IRA...

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Ep 28: Quit Cutting Corners Financially

Cutting corners - we all occasionally do it in life. Whether we do this with our finances, exercising, etc., we’re all guilty of this sometimes. When you do this...

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Ep 27: Ways of Giving Back – An Interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Have you thought about giving back to make a positive impact on the lives of others? Are you wanting to be involved in a charitable way? In today’s...

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